About Us

about us


We a group of friends who have come together with the same passion and goal to assist the less fortunate because with many hands heavy work is made lighter …we have joined forces and formed a Non-Profit Company (NPC)

In this way … more friends can join us in our plight to…
assist the needy or disadvantaged people, voluntary participate in the organisations programmes for youth development or adult skills workshops, and assist in any other opportunity where we aim to enable individuals to build a good life!

Building an empowered nation is our vision. We aim to make communities non-dependent on aid through skills development and creating entrepreneurial opportunities.

A2Z Helping Hands objective is to create equal opportunities by leveling the playing field and providing all with skills to become empowered as we aim to rebuild the nation, one community at a time.


We believe in a world where all have the best possible opportunities to move out of poverty and into gainful employment. That is why we partner with like minded organizations to deliver entrepreneurship and employment programs. These programs assist youth to start small businesses or prepare for entry-level jobs. Long term mentoring relationships, based on sound Islamic principles and morals, to assist families to become functional and self–reliant.


To address immediate relief where needed we sponsor love packs to individuals and families to assist with day to day challenges.

To donate towards our causes…. . . . A2Z Helping Hands NPC FNB Bank Cheque Account Account Number 6277 817 3478 Branch Code 250 655

If you are interested in give back…. we just have the right programs and causes for you to assist with… #justcall

Want to extend a helping hand

then spare a rand  !

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Active Projects

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Our VolUnteers

We remain humbled by our volunteers who selflessly gave of their time and resources as they helped us achieving our project goals.

May the Almighty grant them abundance in love, life and light, May Almighty guide us in our endeavors.